Skylights increase the depth and height of a room as they draw the eye upwards and are functional in that they allow natural daylight into a space. When they are positioned in the right
place, you can even see the starlit sky at night.  Modern skylights can also be a design feature, a beautiful architectural focal point that adds value.  Skylights can boost privacy, too — no need to
worry about putting on a show for the neighbours while you shower! “A skylight can also increase natural lighting without compromising privacy,” says Moses Auvale from Atlite. “Atlite’s roof window is more of a window to the sky. If privacy is an issue but more light is needed, a skylight/roof window could be the answer.” Moses says the natural light from a skylight helps to boost your mood. “Skylights can brighten up the darkest of corners,” he says. “Natural light has a calming effect and overall it’s good for your wellbeing. If it’s situated in the optimum position, a skylight allows in more natural light and warmth, meaning less energy consumption.” So skylights not only help the planet — they’re good for your hip pocket too. Skylights can be used in virtually any room in the house and Moses points out that the softer, natural lighting makes a small room appear larger. “Skylights are excellent in bathrooms, hallways and other rooms that are lacking the space for larger windows,” he adds. Still not convinced? Moses says openable skylights are a great way to increase ventilation in a room. “Leave the roof window open and come home
to a fresh airy house without compromising home security.”

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