Atlite Skylight’s Roof Window was nominated for the  2018 Smart 100 – Anthill Online.

The Smart 100 asks for nominations from entrepreneurs and start-ups, small business owners, corporate innovators and creative professional to submit details applications.  These applications are the shortlisted to assemble the Top 100 and published for ‘maven ‘judging.

In order to rank the Top 100, over 100 ‘maven ‘ judges are engaged to evaluate entries, across eight criteria.  The combined wisdom of the judges provides the ranked list.

Atlite Skylights Roof Window achieved a ranking of 14th out of the Smart 100 Finalists

“With over 700 nominations and 100 innovations profiled and ranked each year, the SMART 100 Index is the largest awards program dedicated to innovation in Australia.”

James Tuckerman – Founder, Anthill Magazine & the SMART 100