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The Atlite difference

Natural light can transform a space into a radiant sanctuary, and there’s no better way to achieve that energy-efficient glow than with a cutting-edge skylight. An Atlite roof window will fill any space with an abundance of light, thermal protection, and ventilation to suit your specific needs. With unmatched attention to detail, bespoke design services, and top-of-the-line products, it’s no wonder that Atlite is the most awarded skylight company in Australia.


  • Unparalleled quality in design.
  • Impeccable service and collaboration.
  • Certified and Engineered construction.


Made in Australia

All of our products are 100% Australian manufactured and boast sleek, sophisticated designs, quality engineering, and are installed seamlessly.

Industry Innovators

With over 50 years of skylight design and manufacturing experience, Atlite is a multi-award-winning company and pioneer of innovative design.

Uniquely Yours

Our competitors are in the business of off-the-shelf solutions and shapes. Atlite is the only skylight company in Australia capable of producing specialised shapes and opening roof windows to CodeMark standard.

Made in Australia

What we do


Reduce your energy bills with the multi-award-winning Atlite Energilite; the first Australian-designed and manufactured skylight to achieve a 5-star energy rating.

Roof Windows

Designed specifically for you, Atlite’s award-winning Roof Window appeals to architects, designers and homeowners alike. Just like a stunning piece of art, this innovative product will enhance your surroundings with exclusive, controlled access to natural light and airflow.


Breathe new life into your traditional rooftop access with our innovative Skydoor.
Doubling as a hatch, this fully functional opening makes the route to the roof more appealing.

Circular Skylights

Moonlight, starlight, and daylight are made even more stellar with Atlite’s Circular Skylight. The classic rounded shape of this product is intriguing yet timeless and never fails to impress. Evoking the feeling of a ship setting sail or an out-of-this-world glow, Circular Skylight brings a depth of dimension to the design of any space.

Sliding Rooflight

Multi-functional, sleek, and open. Our Sliding Rooflight with Hatch features an electronic slide and an optional hatch opening. At Atlite, we never compromise on function or form, so we created this product to allow fresh air to flow through any space while still providing spectacular natural light.

Gazbar System

Sometimes, a standard ceiling simply won’t do. If you’re ready to walk into your space and feel luminous, the Gazbar System is a magnificent choice. This perfect blend of indoor-outdoor living optimizes natural light through the conjunction of glass panels that frame an entire ceiling.

Pyramid SkyLight

Brilliant light meets unyielding architecture. With a Pyramid Skylight, natural light is sure to find its way into your space in the most impactful way. The triangular shape of these skylights means inviting light in from every angle.

ATLITE Pivot or Sliding Access Hatch

Rooftop access is priceless in residential spaces and commercial buildings; that’s why we offer our Pivot or Sliding Access Hatch. For workers and businesses alike, safety is a top priority when deciding how to finish a building,

DomeLite & DayLiter

Domelites can be supplied with opaque or clear acrylic domes.
The dayliter provides improved heat protection with the triple walled flat polycarbonate panel.


While they can’t be customised the way that Atlite custom skylights can, we can still include VELUX skylights in your quote if you love the brand.

SolarBright TubeLights

Bring natural light into your spaces that can’t handle a full skylight. Small and compact, these tube lights still pack a punch when it comes to brightening up a space.

Hybrid Solar Lighting Device

The sun’s powerful rays have more than one suitable method for filtering into our spaces. With Atlite’s Hybrid Solar Lighting Device, we’ve created a lighting system that combines sunlight with artificial light.

Let There be Light

Our Portfolio

Premium Roof Windows

The Sky is the Limit

Imagine being unlimited. All of our products are fully customisable to suit your unique space and specifications. Not sure what you want? Our team is ready to collaborate and innovate with you every step of the way.

  • An abundance
    of light

  • Energy-rated natural lighting

  • Thermal protection and ventilation

  • Fully customisable shapes and sizes

A CodeMark Certified Company

We’re proud to set a higher standard. Atlite is the only company across Australia that manufactures fully customisable skylights with CodeMark certification. We follow a long list of new standards on product quality, from glass strength to temperature tests, in order to bring you the best products possible.

What our friends say


  • 10/10 experience. Had two illume skylight installed today & what a difference they have made! Would recommend Atlite without a doubt! Moses was more than helpful & a pleasure to deal with.
    Thanks again Atlite Skylights.


  • Simply Wow! I have seen some of this company’s work before and I do believe they are multi-award winners in their category. Fabulous creative insights into design and functionality.


  • So delighted with the work of Atlite! The house has been transformend and the guys did an amazing job – very friendly and professional.
Would highly recommend them!


  • So delighted with the work of Atlite! The house has been transformend and the guys did an amazing job – very friendly and professional.
Would highly recommend them!