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The Premium Roof Window

Sleek, Sophisticated and Innovative. Our premium roof window offers impeccable design and functionality to transform any space.

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ATLITE is a leading manufacturer of premium roof windows and natural lighting solutions in Australia. With over 50 years in the skylight and roof window business, ATLITE is pioneering uncompromising quality in design, manufacturing, construction and service.

At a glance

An ATLITE skylight or roof window will fill any space with an abundance of light, provide energy-rated natural lighting, thermal protection and ventilation to suit your specific needs. We help you select the best skylight solution to give you free, energy-efficient, natural lighting.

Home grown

All our products are 100% Australian manufactured, boast sleek, sophisticated design, quality engineering and are installed seamlessly.


Commando Steve challenge

We know the ATLITE Roof Window is extremely tough and durable, however we challenged Commando Steve to put it to the test to see if he could succeed in breaking our tough all new roof window

If Commando Steve can’t break it, who can?

Latest Projects

We’ve designed and developed a large range of custom skylights and roof windows for both residential and commercial buildings. View our latest light filled transformations.



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We pride ourselves on delivering quality products and outstanding service. We value each collaboration and look forward to connecting with you.

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