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Let’s check out the view from the roof deck.

Let’s check out the view from the roof deck.

Atlite had a client who needed access to their roof so that they could enjoy beautiful bay views.   This new 2 storey home had an internal lift but due to height restrictions from the local council they were unable to include the lift to this roof deck/third level.

Problem:  How could this client gain access to the roof and maintain the height requirements?

Solution:  An Atlite Skylight.

Atlite engineers were consulted and an electric sliding glass skylight was designed that allowed access to the roof deck.   The electric sliding glass access allows light into the room, ventilation and an extraordinary doorway to the stars!  This home has a large staircase leading, it would seem, to a window.    However, as you ascend the staircase and at the touch of a button, the skylight slides back over your head allowing access to their magnificent roof deck.

It truly is a stairway to heaven!