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Skylight vs Roof Window

You’ve heard people talking about ‘skylights’ for many years and now more recently the term ‘roof window’ is being vocalized more and more when investigating natural lighting, renovating or building.  So, what is the difference between the two products?


A skylight is an opening from the ceiling through the roof allowing natural light to flow from the outside in.  The opening can be covered with translucent or transparent material allowing natural light into the room.

Roof Window

A roof window is literally a window in the roof.  Allowing natural light, increased ventilation and the sight of clouds and stars in your room.

Roof windows can be openable or fixed and are designed to be a feature of the room.

So, if you are just wanting to increase the natural light in your home then consider a skylight.   If you’d like increased natural light and increased ventilation then consider an openable skylight or roof window.  If you’d like increased light and would like to see the outside inside then consider a roof window.  And if you’re after increased natural light, wanting to see the outside and increased ventilation then it’s an openable roof window for you.

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