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Why Install a skylight in your home?

  1. Skylights can brighten up the darkest of corners and the darkest of moods. Natural light increases mood, has a calming effect and overall, it’s good for your wellbeing.
  2. Skylights situated in the optimum position can allow in more natural light and warmth resulting in a reduction in energy consumption and your power bills by having natural light instead of electric lighting.  Double glazing allows for an efficient and natural way to regulate the temperature of your space and provide proficient insulation all year round  
  3. Increase your natural lighting without compromising your privacy.  Atlite Skylights roof window is more of a window to the sky.  If privacy is an issue but more light is needed a skylight/roof window could be just the answer.  Watch the clouds by day and the stars by night instead of traffic and people.
  4. Openable skylights can increase ventilation through the room.  Leave the roof window open and come home to a fresh airy room without compromising your home security
  5. Softer, natural lighting can make a small room appear larger.  Skylights are excellent in bathrooms, hallways and other rooms that are lacking the space for larger windows.  
  6. Make the most of your interior décor by allowing the fall of natural light to enhance the colours and textures of your expensive furnishings
  7. Why should the walls have all the fun?  The ceiling is the perfect place to allow the outside in via a roof window /skylight.  The view of the sky, clouds and stars is equally as beautiful as any landscape view.
  8. Atlite Skylights/roof windows come in any shape or size to fit any requirements.  Don’t be limited to the standard shape or size of your space.  Get creative.