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ATLITE Pivot or Sliding Access Hatch

The ATLITE sliding access hatch combines ATLITE’s superior skylight technology and know-how in a sliding hatch configuration.
Access and natural lighting in one product.   The hatch cover can be either all-metal or an ATLITE Energilite.
The hatch lid slides on a strong steel rail system that is weatherproof and secure.
Sliding access hatches are suitable for a residential or commercial application and are available in a standard size range and in custom sizes.


– Standard sizes
– Custom-made sizes
– All roof types (tile/corrugated/deck)
– Fire-rated hatches (POA)
– Allows easy access on commercial buildings for the servicing of plant and equipment
– All-Metal Hatchway has an insulated all metal top
– Available with ATLITE Energilite top if there is a requirement for natural light
– Gas strut assisted opening for operating safety
– Fitted with toggle clips to lock from the inside
– Available in Raw Aluminium finish or custom product powder coat finish
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