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DomeLite & DayLiter

The DomeLite Skylight is our conventional skylight which includes a high reflective flexishaft or a solid high reflective mirror 3mm coreflute shaft, a white aluminium ceiling surround and an opal diffuser at ceiling level. This is the most economical type of skylight available and does involve any structural framing or plastering.The Domelite is available in Cast Acrylic Glazing, Hi Impact Acrylic Glazing for better strength and Polycarbonate Glazing which is virtually unbreakable. The life expectancy of a Domelite skylight is 15-20 years before replacing.

The Atlite Dayliter is a 16mm triple glazed flat polycarbonate skylight. Designed for commercial projects but can also be used in a domestic application, the dayliter provides significant heat protection. With its thermal properties and characteristics, it’s the most economical but effective way of lighting larger areas.

If you only need extra natural light in a room then either a Domelite or a Dayliter is the skylight to choose.

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