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Hybrid Solar Lighting Device

Light is required for life. Somehow we’ve made light even more essential, every minute of every day. The financial and energy costs are staggering. But there’s good news, the savings from solar powered lighting are equally astounding. The illume™ System has no restrictions or limitations. Now you can truly light up any room of your house, whether it be single story or multi story, the illume™ System will blow your mind.   The illume™ system uses proprietary solar panels made with multi-crystalline cells designed to collect sun light even on cloudy days, convert it into safe, low-voltage, high performing simulated daylight. It creates the same daylight as a traditional or tubular skylight without costly installation or cutting large intrusive holes in your roof or ceiling.


  • Residential & Commercial Projects
  • Conserves energy, promotes off-grid independence and reduces landfill
  • Optional battery back-up power supply system
  • Can light up to 4 different rooms with one solar panel
  • No mess, no fuss 1 hour installation with our qualified tradesmen
  • Many sizes to choose from


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