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Introducing The Premium Roof Window

Sleek, Sophisticated and Innovative.
Our premium roof window offers you more than meets the eye.

Designed in three versions

Open and shut case

Our remotely powered openable roof window allows for efficient energy saving, promotes air flow and ventilation and provides abundant sunlight at just the touch of a button. Our standard fixed roof window delivers exuberant daylight, transforming any space into a bright and expansive environment.
Our Premium Roof Windows have been thoughtfully designed by our team of qualified engineers in collaboration with Swinburne University and are Australian made to meet Australian Standards.

  • Designed & manufactured
    in Australia

  • Proudly associated with
    Swinburne university

Let more light in

Featuring edge to edge glass, the sleek frameless glass design means no bulky trims that can cause leakages and water retention. Using premium quality glass ensures strength, resilience and
optimizes transparency, letting more light in without letting in extra heat.

Keep in the heat & cold

The Premium Roof Window boasts double glazed glass to meet the harshest environments and an increased design capacity has enabled us to provide a product that helps to efficiently and naturally regulate the temperature of your space and provide proficient insulation all year round.

Bush fire, hail, cyclone & leak resistant

Our glass has been exposed to extreme heat and powerful factory simulations to put it to the test in the harshest of weather conditions. Our solid construction guarantees that our glass is leak proof, fire safe, and rain, hail and cyclone resilient. Our product is designed to endure Australia’s cruelest climate conditions.

  • Fire Resistant

  • Leak proof

AS3959 Bushfire attack level test
Tested to AS4285 water leak test

15 shapes & sizes

It was an integral part of our industrial conception to provide our customers with a range of premade sizes and specification as well as having the option to custom build our roof windows. Our in-house manufacturing team allow us to provide a quick turnaround for any custom roof windows to meet our clients demands and are made to suit any space and specification.


Premium Extras


Our superior tinting technology is designed to reduce glare and further keep the heat out in the warmer climate. The self-tinting laminated glass uses special thermochromic technology allowing for windows to darken as sun becomes more intensive. Designed to help manage changing needs for passive solar heat gain and natural light the premium roof window is made to AS1288 Australian Overhead Glazing Standards.

Electric Opening

Optional automatic opening enables added temperature control and conveniently provides energy savings of free daylight and natural ventilation.

Atlite Bespoke Range

The Atlite Roof Window can come in any size or shape
Round fixed and triangle, hexagon, rhombus fixed or openable.


Bespoke Skylight

Fixed or Openable


Bespoke Skylight

Fixed or Openable


Bespoke Skylight

Fixed or Openable


Bespoke Skylight


Roof Hatch

Standard or Bespoke

Option – Electric Openable

Bal 40 Tubelite

Bespoke Skylight




Standard finish on the roof window is white internal finish with a monument powdercoated external frame. Colorbond finish or galvanized iron finish upon request.

Electric opening

Fixed, manual and electric opening options.


Clear glass as standard, Also available in opal, grey tint, solar cool evergreen, blue tint and bronze tint. Optional self tinting glass available.
Self tints from clear to dark by direct sunlight. Flyscreens are a standard for all openable roof window

Roof Pitch

Can be installed onto any roof pitch tested to 0 degree pitch.

*small amount of pooling may occur

Rain Sensors

Rain sensors are standard on electrical opening roof windows.


15 Standard sizes

  • 550×800
  • 550×1000*
  • 550×1200
  • 550×1400*
  • 800×1000
  • 800×1200
  • 800×1400
  • 550×550
  • 800×800
  • 1000×1000
  • 1200×1200
  • 1400×1400
  • 1600×1600

*can be portrait or landscape orientation

Custom Size

If our 15 standard sizes are not quite what you are after, no problems we can custom make to suit your requirements.

  • Operating Pole
  • Blinds
  • Winder handle
  • Universal eyelet


Bush fire

AS3959 Bushfire Attack level test, AS1530.8.1 Fire Test, Bal40 Rated. On our own flashing kits. Thermal properties data sheet available.


Tested to AS4285 Water leak test.


Manufactured to comply with AS1288 overhead glazing requirements.


Clear glass tinting specifications
Glass makeup
visible transmittance
U value
Shading coefficiency
6+12+6.38 59% 1.3 0.24 0.28
  • Glass makeup consists of toughened outer glass, argon gas and high performance low E coated laminated inner glass.
  • SHGC – Solar Heat Gain Co-Efficiency
  • The lower the U value of shading co-efficiency, the better the glazing from an environment point of view.
  • The 5 star energy rating is achieved using the appropriate glazing and the UNIQUE Atlite aluminium frame creating an air-tight unit. The 5 star energy rating is not due to the special glazing alone.


  • First Australian made roof window with ISO accreditation.
  • Patented intellectual property.
  • 5 star energy rating.
  • 15 year warranty
Proudly associated with

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