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What we do

Atlite Energilite Tubelites

Inventive ways to bring in the sunshine

Bring natural light into your spaces that can’t handle a full skylight. Small and compact, these tube lights still pack a punch when it comes to brightening up a space.

Small & Compact

Quick to install with compact modern design, these are perfect for modern multi-story spaces

Designed & Tested for Australia

Designed to withstand Australian conditions, each tube will last for years to come.

Loved By Many

These are a popular selection for many of our past projects.

What we do

Design to bushfire resistance

The ATLITE Energilite Tubelite is the first Australian Tested Skylight to achieve a BAL40 Bush Fire rating. It’s tough double glazed glass with choices of either flexible shaft, either round or square for hard to reach areas or the rigid shaft, either round or square, for optimum light output. The ATLITE Energilite Tubelite is suited for any office or home application.
Designing with Integrity in the Fitzroy Home

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Boldness in a Bathroom Window

Our team was commissioned by Pepper Constructions to replace two outdated acrylic[...]

Optimizing Light with a Kitchen Roof Window

The kitchen is an integral space in any home, with natural light[...]

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The Atlite difference

Natural light can transform a space into a radiant sanctuary, and there’s no better way to achieve that energy-efficient glow than with a cutting-edge skylight. An Atlite roof window will fill any space with an abundance of light, thermal protection, and ventilation to suit your specific needs. With unmatched attention to detail, bespoke design services, and top-of-the-line products, it’s no wonder that Atlite is the most awarded skylight company in Australia.


  • Unparalleled quality in design.
  • Impeccable service and collaboration.
  • Certified and Engineered construction.


Made in Australia

All of our products are 100% Australian manufactured and boast sleek, sophisticated designs, quality engineering, and are installed seamlessly.

Industry Innovators

With over 50 years of skylight design and manufacturing experience, Atlite is a multi-award-winning company and pioneer of innovative design.

Uniquely Yours

Our competitors are in the business of off-the-shelf solutions and shapes. Atlite is the only skylight company in Australia capable of producing specialised shapes and opening roof windows to CodeMark standard.